June 16, 2024

CBD or cannabinoid oil: How to Use CBD to Boost to cure various diseases

What is CBD or cannabinoid?

CBD stands for cannabinoid is the second most prominent compound found in the cannabis or marijuana plant. In India, peoples call it hemp or bhaang. There are more than 100 chemical compounds found in cannabis and CBD is one of them. Tetrahydrocannabinol is the most famous cannabinoid due to its psychoactive effect, i.e. it makes you high. Cannabidiol does not have psychoactive properties, but its medical properties are vast. CBD oil or hemp oil extracts are made from cannabinoids.

Each person has an endocannabinoid system that helps a body to maintain a healthy biological balance. It binds with specific non-cannabinoid receptors involved in physical and mental health.  E.g., CBD impairs the GPR55 receptor which studies have linked to cancer. To date, the clinical research identified several health issues that CBD can potentially help treat. Since CBD is not psychoactive, it is safe to use for children, driving, recovering addicts and animals.

A new trend show is to grow cannabis with higher CBD and lower THC content so people can maximize the medicinal benefits.

You can make an extract of Cannabis or CBD oil from cannabis (1). And it is mainly prepared from the entire plant including leaves, stem, and seeds.

Cannabinoid made from the legal industrial hemp contains less than 0.3% THC making it non-psychoactive.

1. It starts relieving chronic pain:

Hemp oil has excellent pain relieving properties, is recommended for those who have to deal with chronic pain relieving properties. CBD oils can cure any chronic pain in the body like multiple sclerosis, arthritis, fibromyalgia. Cannabinoid binds with pain producing brain cells and alters their function to relieve chronic excruciating pain from the body.

In 2010, a study in Canada observed the impact of cannabis for the treatment of chronic pain. Twenty-three adults participant who suffered from neuropathic pain from trauma or surgery were in the study. Throughout two weeks, the participant was randomly selected and administered cannabis at four potency levels. The result observed that when participants took it three times a day, hemp oil was effective in reducing chronic, severe pain as well as stabilizing sleeping pattern [2].

2. Reduces inflammation:

Inflammation is just a response to any trauma or immunity in the body where your body needs an immune response. Inflammation is of two types: Acute and Chronic.

Acute inflammation occurs when you get cut or scratch. Chronic inflammation is the inflammation that happens again and again in the body. It mostly occurs when cells become sick, and we trigger an immune response.

There is endocannabinoid in the body which has an anti-inflammatory effect on the body. These endocannabinoids are a byproduct of break down of long chain fatty acids. Neurons release them when they see some inflammation. CBD oils allow not only your body to create more endocannabinoids, but it also reduces pro-inflammatory cytokine.

3. Reduces anxiety and depression:

Stress is a common issue in modern society as we expose ourselves to various stressful activities. It is stress and anxiety which causes various mental and other diseases.

According to the anxiety and depression association of America, depression affects 6%, and anxiety affects 18% of the USA population each year.

In 2013, someone published the study that discovered treatment involving the use of the cannabinoids after traumatic/stressful experience might help to stabilize the emotional response from the subject.

The researcher now finds that cannabinoids can slow down stress receptors in the hippocampus (part of the brain where emotional response is controlled).  According to this research, CBD oil has been shown to reduce the level of the stress and anxiety in those suffering from conditions like PTSD, social anxiety disorder and obsessive-compulsive disorder.  When used it stimulates the release of the happiness hormones, helping patients to enter the state of the relaxation and calmness (3).

In 2017, a study published that discovered treatment involving the use of CBD oil to treat the panic attack (4).

4. Skin protection:

By applying CBD oil on the skin, it can glow your skin. The oil can exfoliate the old cells and stimulate the growth of the new skin cells to replace them. Besides being able to eliminate stress, cannabis oil can also prevent skin diseases like rosacea or eczema.

It also aids the production of the lipid which helps to cure acne and psoriasis. In a study published in 2014, it is discovered that CBD oil has anti-inflammatory, antiproliferative and lipostatic properties which can be helpful in the acne’s treatment vulgaris (5).

Epidermolysis bullosa is a skin disease in which skin erosion starts even with a minor rubbing or scratch. In it, the gene that helps produce fibrous protein keratin is at faulty.

In 2018, a study published in which three reported person is having epidermolysis bullosa was given cannabinoid for the two months.  All three people reported faster wound healing, less skin erosion, itchy and less pain with cannabinoid use (6).

Acne may occur because of the overproduction of the sebum; the oily secretion takes place in sebaceous glands. Sebum secretion can’t take place because of dead skin cell formed because of the waste. Then bacteria is created because of sebum stuck in the pores that lead to sometimes acne formation.

According to the study published in 2014, CBD oil can prevent the overproduction of the sebum by sebaceous glands which helps in curing acne related issues (7).

Besides this hemp oil is rich in minerals like potassium, phosphorus, zinc, calcium, and iron. These minerals help cardiovascular health and blood flow to the skin. Psoriasis is one of the most common skin diseases and is marked by red itchy and scaly patches. Since it is caused by a deficiency of the omega three fatty acids, hemp oil is an effective treatment.

5. Kills Cancer cells:

A scientist has found that some cannabinoids have many positive effects in lab condition like:

  • Preventing new blood vessels from becoming tumors.
  • Reduces the risk of the cancer cells spreading through the body and penetrating healthy neighboring cells.
  • Triggering the death of the cancer cells through apoptosis.
  • It is preventing the division of cancer cells.
  • Cannabis oil cure cancer involves a partnership between the immune system and the endocannabinoids system. The function of the immune system is to get rid of the dead cells. When it came to fighting cancer the immune system on its own is moderately active. This is because cancer cells are modified self-cells which the immunity system usually doesn’t recognize as harmful. But some of the chemicals in the cannabinoid can circumvent this disguise.
  • How do cannabinoids help to kill cancer cells?

When cannabinoid meets the cancer cells, they produce ceramide which kills them. Ceramide is the agent the immune system uses to kill or dying cells. Once the immune system recognizes the DNA of the cancer cells is abnormal, it sends ceramide in to shred the mitochondria. Cells without mitochondria can’t create energy to keep the cancer cells alive, so it dies. Normal cells around the cancer cells don’t affect because they don’t manufacture ceramide. It works for all types of cancer no matter where the tumor is.

Cancer help in pain relieving in the cancer patients where all other conventional painkillers don’t help the patient (7).

Some test tube study of CBD oil or hemp oil in the animals suggests that it initiates the programmed death of the cancer cells by apoptosis and autophagy (8).

6. CBD’s Benefits for heart health:

Hemp oil’s antioxidant properties could help treat heart-related issues. Studies on animals prove that cannabis oil treatments are powerful prevention against some cardiovascular problems including strokes, atherosclerosis and heart attacks.

In 2014, a team of British researcher discovered that result from animals studies have applied to human heart conditions as well. It was recognized that cannabinoid could relax and dilate blood vessels so circulation can be improved and blood pressure is lowered.

CBD may stop production of endotoxin, a family of pro-inflammatory cytokines. These cytokines contribute to the progression of heart diseases.

CBD may be useful in decreasing arterial plaque’s ability to adhere to the walls. It is important because plaque buildup encourages the progression of heart diseases.

As mentioned earlier that CBD helps reduces stress and anxiety which causes a spike in blood pressure and diabetes. Hence, CBD can be an effective treatment for chronic high blood pressure patients.

Studies show that the deficiency of the endocannabinoids system may contribute to heart failure and cannabis can prevent heart failure. It can also protect the brain after the stroke.

A1998 study published in Proceedings of the national academy of science revealed that CBD and THC could protect the brain from the damage caused by the strokes. In another study, CBD oil can increase good cholesterol and reduces bad cholesterol.

A 2006 study published in the European Journal of nutritional found that 30ml of hempseed oil a day for four weeks reduced the ratio of the total to high-density lipoprotein which means a reduction in the risk for the heart diseases.

7. Cannabinoid oil or hemp oil as a guard to the brain:

Several types of research have shown a great promise of using CBD in resolving neurogenerative condition such as Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s. It also acts as neuroprotective means serving to protect nerve cells against damage, degeneration or impairment of functions.

Antioxidants are an important part of the nutritious diet and essential for maintaining health and proper biological functions. Several studies have linked CBD antioxidant properties to a reduced risk of diseases like Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and arthritis.

A study published in 1998 was one of the first document CBD’s antioxidant properties. In this study, CBD was more powerful antioxidant than both Vitamin C and E. As a neuroprotectant, CBD helps reduce damage to the brain and nervous system and encourages the development and growth of new neurons.

Oxidative stress caused by ischemia, traumatic blows or autoimmune and genetic disorder can cause temporary or permanent neutral damage. But studies have shown that CBD is able to protect against this damage and improve recovery. Thes studies suggest that CBD could be therapeutically beneficial for traumatic brain injuries.

CBD’s neuroprotective properties are also potentially beneficial in help preventing and limit the progression of neurological disorders such as epilepsy, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and Parkinson’s diseases.

In the Ohio state university, researchers found that cannabinoid helps reduce the brain inflammation which occurs due to aging. In this study, scientists conclude for the first time that the compound actually works in the older brain. Because before this, all compound only worked in young brains.

We need more research to investigate CBD’s efficacy for promoting cells and neuron health. But evidence suggests that CBD may be useful to minimize neutral cell damage and encourage healing.

8. Cannabinoid may act as anti-diabetic:

According to the National diabetes statistics report 2017, nearly 2 million people in the united states diagnosed with diabetes every year. In 2015 alone, an estimated 30 million Americans of all ages had diabetes.

Researches have proven that CBD has a potential therapeutic effect and medical properties for maintaining a healthy blood glucose level.

Research paper in 2005 from the American Alliance for Medical Cannabis (AAMC) has listed various benefits that cannabis and CBD for a diabetic.

CBD has also boosted the user metabolism; assisting obese diabetic with their weight management.

In a study on mice where non-obese diabetic mice observed, the diabetic incidence decreased from 86% to 30% in CBD treated mice.

Although initial studies of CBD use as an anti-diabetic, we need to do more research for the efficacy of CBD’s oil for the diabetics.

9. CBD oil for asthma patients:

Historian has discovered that Egyptian used cannabis to treat many conditions including asthma as far back as 1213 BC.

Asthma is a chronic respiratory condition that affects the airways in the lungs and leads to breathing difficulties. Asthma chronically inflames the lungs and we know that CBD has anti-inflammatory effects which helps asthma patients.

One study published at the University of South Carolina and published in the Journal of biological chemistry shows the ability of CBD to help suppress inflammation in the body.

Another study reveals that consuming cannabinoids cleans and widen bronchial tubes to allow for increased airflow to the lungs. Hemp oil can be useful to control asthma attacks keep coughing, wheezing to a minimum. In this way, it allows more air to flow freely.

A medical research team in the department of the preclinical and clinical pharmacology at the University of the Florence in Florida, They used guinea pigs as a model. The scientist noted that CBD treatment prevented additional cellular abnormalities that would have normally occurred as a result of the antigens. After the study, they conclude that CBD may work for asthma by preventing inflammation of the airways.

A research team in Japan conducted research concerning CBD for Asthma. They tested specifically the manner in which each cannabis receptor affects various symptoms of asthma. The medical research group conducting this study sought to understand which CB receptor was primarily responsible for reducing bronchial inflammation. They discovered that both CB1 and CB2 receptors activated muscles relaxing agents to maintain smooth bronchial contraction.

CBD oil or hemp oil for asthma works by reducing cytokine levels. For this, a group of a medical professional in Brazil conducted a study on CBD and asthma. Significantly, CBD therapy worked to reduce the level of cytokines. Thus, reducing the level of asthmatic inflammation.


CBD oil or hemp oil has found to cure various illness form the brain related illness to heart-related illness like anxiety, depression and heart diseases. There are several types of research going on to understand its health benefits. But initial discoveries suggest that it has a promising future ahead for the health industry to cure several diseases. But always consult with your doctor before its use This is because it may interact with other medicine although it is safe to use.