September 27, 2023

Electro homeopathy vs homeopathy

Electro homeopathy:

Dr. Count Cesare Mattei founded this Electro homeopathy remedy in 1865. All body parts functionally are connected by blood and lymph. These two means of transport supplies all the necessary nutrients to all parts of the body. While also preserving our vital organs. Any harmful or systematic change in the blood or lymph is said to be a disease. This diseased condition is an imbalance situation. Hence, by using this remedy, we can cure any problem by just curing blood and lymph by putting them on normal state. As we see earlier, that imbalance in blood and lymph cause disease condition. These lymph and blood although have different circulation system through different vessels but their origin is the same when we talk about digestion. It means sometimes impurity of lymph comes into blood and vice versa. Hence, it is necessary to take a remedy to cure both the circulation in the body. These remedies have an electric impact on the body through various electrical medications that’s why we take word electro.

Electrohomeopathy comes from three words:


Means these remedies work as electricity by breaking the body into two parts: the left part is positive, and the right part is negative. According to this partition, medicine is applied to neutralize the impurity if impurity changes the state of the body.

Eg. There is xyz disease occur in the left kidney which disturbs body state of balance. Suppose it has a negative charge which means we have more negativity in the body. To cure this disease we need real medicine.

Homeo: means balance taken from the hemostasis

It means the balance of lymph and blood is maintained by the body for the right functioning of different tissue and organs.

Pathy:  means pathological condition treatment by a system of medicine

In this body is a cure by complex medicine which makes blood and lymph pure again. 

Single remedy vs. complex remedy:

  • Hahnemann doctrine (homeopathy) works to cure only disease symptoms to cure it. He said that a single treatment cures the single point or symptoms. Thus we can cure the disease by targeting its symptoms. Curing disease by symptoms is not possible because sometimes symptoms are so interrelated and complex that we need a complex remedy.
  • According to research, the disease cannot be cured by only treating its symptoms.
  • Eg. In the animals, there is the problem of theileriosis in animals. Its symptoms include high fever, inflammation of neck and pain in it, etc. But when we treat it by the homeopathy single remedy system, the temperature comes to normal, but the problem continues to develop. It tells us that you cannot only target symptoms. We need to focus on disease origin. For that, we need complex remedy because the disease is of very complex traits which are interrelated. That’s where the electro homeopathy system of medicine works. Thus if we say about Hanemann doctrine, its implementation in practice is not easy as it is only theoretical concept far from reality.
  • Complex medicine(Electro homeopathy medicine) is a mixture of simple remedies which we use in electropathy system of medicine that is potent enough to cure any obstacle comes into our way.
  • Another theory of Hahnemann is that his remedy works on only one point at a time which is most severely affected. It may be any tissue or any single cell or any point inside our body.
  • Eg. If there is mastitis problem in the cow, then he can treat only teats or udder. It has no impact on the somatic cell count which increases to fight against any bacteria due to which blockage of milk occurs in nipples.
  • It means Hahnemann does cure the only disease while neglecting its origination which may cause the problem again in the future. Thus Hahnemann system of medicine if the above theory correct is not a complete remedy as it neglected origination and secondary symptoms remains. This secondary symptom, later on, may affect a healthy person even after treatment completes.

Changes of remedy (Homeopathy) vs. complex remedy (Electro homeopathy):

  • Hahnemann doctrine changes the remedy each time new symptoms come. It makes it not a proper cure doctrine.
  • Eg. In cancer treatment according to Hahnemann doctrine at first, they give a remedy for stoppage of cancer cellular growth. In the future, if there is hair loss or other organ impacted, then they change medication. It means everytime new symptom comes they change to remedy. If due to it person’s hair starts losing then we need separate treatment.
  • In reality, we need to deal with all problem at the start while predicting the scope of the disease. Hence, we can cure any illness at the beginning by using homeopathy doctrine but with the hope that it doesn’t impact other organs. Therefore, we need a complex medicine that can cure its symptoms and origination simultaneously.

How complex remedy works?

  • When we give complex medicine (Electro homeopathy medicine), diseased organism takes a specific part of the remedy to cure it while neglecting other as useless. This useless remedy has no bad or good impact on a body.
  • From this prospects, it is quite similar to the allopathic procedure but without any side effects which differentiate it from allopathic. In this remedy, the infected organ absorbs its treatment and leaves useless medication for other organ or tissue which may have other problem. They consume this useless remedy of the first organ for its curing its problem.
  • In the above cancer example as I explained there is no remedy according to homeopathy which simultaneously cures other problem. But in electro homeopathy medicine, this complex remedy cures both cancer and hair loss without the need for a change of medication which makes it a complete treatment. Thus electro homeopathy remedy cures both disease and its orgination. Even a single solution can cure multiple diseases and infected organs.
  • Eg.  A person has high cholesterol level. Along with it, they have a heart problem. By using this remedy, we can cure both the disease simultaneously. Also, all those organs which have less infected get an appropriate degree of relief.

complex medication working procedure

  • In this complex remedy, all this exclusive remedy works together to the cure the different problem. One individual remedy does not counteract the action of another medication.
  • All the simple remedies work separately. There is harmony which makes all simple remedies together. One individual remedy doesn’t impact physically or chemically another sole remedy present in the complex treatment. But if two medicine combines having the same quality and the same action, they will lose their complexity and work together not separately.
  • Also when one organ cured, then it will no longer absorb medicine which facilitates the speedy recovery of another organ.
  • Electro homeopathy medicine works faster than homeopathy medicine. In it, there is no wastage of time choosing/changing different remedies. Here, the complex treatment starts which cure all symptoms but in homeopathy, you can change medication which is wastage of time, or it may worsen problem with that time pass.
  • Another big advantage of electro homeopathy over homeopathy is that we can simultaneously use many different remedies at a time. It is not possible in homeopathy as they allow to take one simple medication at one time. Also, the overdose of electro homeopathy remedies has no side effects.
  • These remedies also show internal impact when we apply it externally.

Hence, we can say that electro homeopathy medicine is an advanced form of homeopathy with practice in reality.