June 15, 2024

What is CBD laws in different countires?

CBD Laws

CBD due to its wide range of benefits has shown a spike in its demand all over the world. But Some countries have confusing law regarding their open use. Some countries still made a ban on it. But some states have made it legal by various CBD laws to use for many health benefits, i.e., either in medicine form or in food supplements form.

Now it is straightforward for peoples to buy and use CBD products in many forms as they like. After the USA, many other countries also eased their law regarding CBD use. But still, there is wide variation in laws regarding CBD use from counties to countries. This variation in laws confuses many people who want to use it for any medical purpose. Here is a quick guide on CBD and international laws to help them.

Guide To CBD:

We need first to know why people want to use it and what it is exactly before knowing its legal perspective. According to various research papers, more than 100 chemical found in the Cannabis and hemp plants. These chemicals are known as cannabinoids. One of the two most common compounds found in the hemp plant is CBD and THC.

Today, so many companies are making CBD products which have a wide range of benefits for the human body. But there are barriers to its manufacturing as each country has made different guidelines related to THC content. You can buy CBD Oils, edibles, topicals creams and lotions, vape cartridges and many other kinds of products.

CBD can reduce anxiety, stress, and depression, fight off insomnia, clear your skin from the acne.  It also reduces pain and inflammation, helps the patient for recovery after chemotherapy and also kills cancer cells. According to primary research, it may be beneficial for the treatment of ADHD. Due to its massive benefits, it is started to use extensively in the healthcare sector.

United States CBD Laws:

People from Canada and the USA won’t need to worry about cannabis use as the USA and Canada made it legal to use. December 20, 2018, was a historic day for cannabis culture as the USA made it legal to use after the disgraceful period that started in 1937. It was improved under agriculture improvement law or the Farm bill. The act removed the CBD from the list of controlled substances and separated it from marijuana and treated it like agriculture commodity as like wheat and corn.

Hemp is entirely legal for the first time since 1937. Now, it was separated from the marijuana and definition of hemp has been expanded to include CBD and other hemp derived cannabinoids. This Act allows states and tribal government to make their hemp laws different from federal law as long as USDA approves them.

Now, with all the changes, hemp farmers are now going to able to get their crop insurance to apply for federal grants. But a note from this law is that felons are not allowed to work in the hemp industry.

In states, the legality of the CBD depends upon the source of the CBD. Marijuana-derived CBD is not yet legal federally, but marijuana and hemp are members of the cannabis family making them similar in many ways. The government classifies hemp as any plant containing less than 0.3% of THC. It classifies marijuana as any plant of cannabis which has more than 0.3% THC. You can use CBD in all 50 states of the USA. But on one condition that the product comes from hemp must have less than 0.3% THC.

Every state has different law for cannabis use but most of the states that allowed CBD use has the provision of THC less than 0.3%. It makes it legal to use all the hemp-derived CBD products for ether medical use or any other purpose. And, any CBD store can sell these products openly in any form like CBD tincture, gummies, Vape cartridges, and any other way.


Cannabis is now legal across all of Canada. In the past, you could purchase directly from a cannabis company’s website online. Now, the only way to buy online is through the government website. If you want to purchase products online, then you can do so only through government websites. In some provinces, this is the only way to get your CBD. In some other regions, there are tons of government CBD’s dispensaries.

But you can purchase these CBD products only if you have an age of 19 years or above (18 in Alberta and Quebec) by showing your proper age proof. You will be able to buy CBD oil, edibles, gummies, CBD tinctures and other things from various stores across the country. But they can give you any of the CBD product if you have valid age proof.

United Kingdom CBD laws:

CBD is very similar to the compound which we produce within the body called endocannabinoids. Among the European countries, the UK has the most strict laws against CBD use. CBD derived from the industrial hemp plant is legal to use in the UK provided that It contains no more than 0.2% of THC content.

Cannabis as treated as class b drug which is banned in the UK. It means if any person possesses it, then it is considered a crime and severe penalty will be made. But CBD is not a controlled drug in the UK unless it contains a low level of THC content in it. After Canada legalizes the  CBD use, UK also loosens its laws regarding the use of CBD.

Now, CBD is legal in the UK, but you need a proper registration for selling any CBD related products. Recently, the UK allowed all specialist doctor to prescribe CBD products for various types of illness. Billy Caldwell was the first person who got a license to be able to get medicine based on cannabis. But if you don’t fly to the UK with CBD product until and unless you have a permit of CBD oil possession.


Unlike all the above countries that I mentioned, Australia has the most strict law on cannabis until now. It was considered as schedule 9 drug until 2017 according to Australian law which is prohibited from using. And, the more interesting fact is that it was put into the same category as heroin and MDMA. But professional was allowed to research it for medical use.

In 2017, there were some changes in a narcotic act which legalize the use of CBD for medicinal and scientific purpose. But for therapeutic use, the prescription is necessary which is hard to obtain as it is given only in certain conditions. In this amendment, now CBD was moved from schedule 9 to schedule 4 drugs. Even after prescription, it is still complicated for Australian to obtain it as there is very less number of the registered seller.

With little changes in import laws, approved importers are allowed to import this medication from overseas providers. There is also an amendment in Australia for cultivation fo cannabis in Australia for medicinal purposes and scientific purposes only.

As Australia has a federal system, so there is a little bit of inconsistency in laws between state laws and federal law. This inconsistency confuses people whether they use it or not. Further changes in 2018 allow considering CBD as food products provided that have less than 75 mg/Kg of cannabinoid and less than 50 mg/Kg of THC.


Among all the countries, Netherland has the most flexible law for cannabis, CBD and other drugs use. It has one of the most relaxed requirements for marijuana. You can order cannabis product anywhere in the Netherlands without any restriction, even you can order it in the coffee shop.

Opium act 1912 classify the drugs into two groups: Soft drugs and hard drugs. Soft drugs like marijuana are considered less harmful than hard drugs like ecstasy and cocaine. Thus, as a soft drug, cannabis can be used by anyone without any restriction provided they have a minimum age of 18 years.

Interesting extracting extract of hemp is illegal in Netherland. But changes in the opium act in 1999 legalized the fiber-based hemp market in Netherland but with THC level less than 0.2%. But the extraction of CBD is still illegal as it includes removal from the hemp plant.


Jamaica is another country having open cannabis culture. It is a daily part of Jamaican to smoke ganja. And it also comes from spiritual places for rastas. In 2015, Jamaica legalized marijuana but only for the medical use. It means anyone; even visitors acquire cannabis after taking permission from the doctor.

You can use CBD oil freely for any purpose because it has a very low level of THC content which is said to be not harmful. CBD oil is generally used for a variety of health benefits in Jamaica like pain, seizure, neurological disorders, and various other health issues.

However, due to less number of distributor and retail counter for sale of CBD oil in Jamaica, it is extremely difficult to obtain it. While cultivation of cannabis is legal in Jamaica, still cannabis can be difficult to obtain. You may find cannabis easier in any part of the country than CBD oil.


The Swiss narcotics act control all drugs in it which doesn’t cover CBD. It means CBD products are free to the sale and uses in the country.

Swiss Narcotic Act controls all drugs in Switzerland. But while this covers various substances, CBD isn’t one of them. This makes CBD products available for sale and uses in the country. Recently, the Swiss government wants to authorize pilot projects to control the distribution of cannabis to prevent its addiction, combat black market and to ensure its quality.

But government issues strict guidelines for production and uses of CBD based product as THC level must be less than 1%. Having THC level less than 1%, farmers allowed to cultivate hemp plant.

France CBD laws:

The CBD market is legal in France as long as the THC level is less than 0.2%. As we all know, France is always late when it comes to European laws. With a count of 7,00,000 daily cannabis smokers in France according to official figures, France has one of the highest cannabis consumption rates in Europe.

CBD shops in France can sell a wide variety of CBD based products like CBD creams, toothpaste, honey, sweets, and lollipops. But despite all their attempt to abide by the law, shop owners are still facing problems with the authorities. It causes many CBD based product selling shops to shut down.

European Union:

Although CBD laws vary from country to country, it has somewhat relaxed during this century than the previous one. Many countries in Europe allowed the sale of CBD products. But they must have less than 0.2% content of THC as provided guidelines by the European Union.

Many countries allowed to fly with CBD products. But there are some countries which don’t allow you to travel with CBD products freely. But most of the countries allowed it if its extract comes from the hemp plant, not from marijuana with THC level less than 0.2%.  These products are popular in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, and Luxembourg.


The knowledge and popularity of CBD are growing very fast in the world. It is because of its large array of health benefits. Countries like the USA and Canada have now legalized CBD products. And they also relaxed its norms for the use of CBD based products. It leads to changes in laws in the rest of the world.

While it is still very difficult to get CBD based products in some parts of the world, but laws regarding it has been relaxed from the last decades. But you should always check CBD law in your region to ensure that you remain in the legal framework. However, you should always check local CBD laws to ensure you’re within legal boundaries.

Some countries have different law at the federal level and state level. People who are trying to use CBD products first ensure that they remain in the legal boundaries.