September 27, 2023

Wheatgrass an superfood and super medicine: its benefits

Wheatgrass Introduction

It comes up as excellent value to world natural health as it is beneficial for approximately every disease. Much of the world leading doctors recommend its use. Because it has a high content of all the essential minerals, vitamins, and many more things. There are various ways to consume it like powder, capsules, juice, and tablets. Triticum aestivum is the standard scientific name for wheatgrass. Due to its high value in the healthcare industry, many health experts give it a name of superfood (food containing mostly all minerals) and super medicine (medicine for all diseases). Although its juice is available in the market, its fresh form is has added more value to it Because Its juice available in the market has many preservatives which may be toxic to some persons.

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Minerals and vitamin found in wheatgrass

  • Wheatgrass is unusually rich in vitamins A, b1, b2, b3, b4, b5, C, D, E, K as well as iron, magnesium, calcium, various proteins, and amino acids.
  • There are total 21 essential amino acids for human beings whose names are here. The human body does not produce these all amino acids, but they are vital for its healthy functioning.
  • If our body doesn’t get these amino acids, then tissue starts degradation and bones becomes waker which result in various health issues.
  • Therefore, it is necessary that our diet must have these amino acids in sufficient quantity.  But most of the things we eat in the food also lack these amino acids.
  • Although these amino acids are available abundant in meat and eggs, it is difficult for those who are vegetarians. For them, wheatgrass is an excellent choice which contains almost every amino acids that our body does not produce.
  • Along with it, it has other health benefits. Its rich nutrient content boosts immunity system, kills harmful bacteria in the digestive system and helps ultimately in curing many health diseases. Due to its rich nutrients and all minerals content, it is sometimes named as a superfood.
  • Because it strengthens our immune system thus ultimately fight against various diseases and cures them, it is sometimes also called as Super medicine.

Cures ulcers: 

Several studies have shown that wheatgrass is really good for healing skin not just outside but also inside the skin like in your gut, small intestine. Even some researches show its properties to cure diabetic ulcer. It is good for healing the burn from the radiation or actual fire.

Assist the body in steroid withdrawal period:

When you stop using the steroid, It means you stop using the steroid cream and your skin has some unnatural pigments. Sometimes, its a kind of clear opaque pigment. It is often called as a rip in syndrome. It will result from the prolonged or frequent and inappropriate use of moderate to high potency corticosteroids and especially on the face or the genital area. Its symptoms are:

  • Burning
  • Stinging
  • Bright red skin
  • Symptoms occur within days or weeks after discontinuing treatment

Wheatgrass is beneficial for people with tropical steroid withdrawal syndrome if taken orally. It is even beneficial to put on tropically to help improve that number four insulin resistance. Because it improves glucose sensitivity. It actually allows insulin to work a lot better.

Chemotherapy side effects:

I have consulted with various health experts who work in traditional medicines. They told me that some cancer patients have given wheatgrass after the chemotherapy process is done. Chemotherapy has many side effects on our body. It also destroys some healthy cells during the process. According to those experts, the patients who suffer to chemotherapy side effects has treated with Wheatgrass. As per them, wheatgrass antioxidants properties help them to get rid of chemotherapy side effects. Our this claim as also supported by a study on 60 women in Israel which gets rid of chemotherapy side effects after drinking wheatgrass juice.

Wheatgrass cancer cure:

  • An antioxidant is a substance that prevents oxidation of various cells and tissues in the body.
  • As oxygen is necessary for our survival but it is also destructive for cells. Free oxygen molecules or radical oxidize our cells that damage our body cells which again attacks other cells and a chain reaction starts.
  • These free oxygen radicals act a cancerous agent to our body cells which result in the growth of cancerous cells. Thus, oxygen which is necessary for our health is dangerous for cells.
  • Various foods particles which contain vitamin C or E prevent above process thus act as an antioxidant agent.
  • Sometimes even doctors prescribe various antioxidant medicines. But there are herbal derivatives which contain many antioxidants. Among them, wheatgrass is the maximum content of these antioxidants.
  • Thus, this antioxidant property of wheatgrass kills cancer cells, prevent heart diseases and neurodegenerative.
  • Rucha Diwakar Gore, Sangeeta Jayant Palaskar and Anirudha Ratnadeep Bartake (4) scientific researches well support anti-cancerous effects of wheatgrass.

Decreases cholesterol level

  • Cholesterol is an organic fluid present in the body which is produced by our body in the liver.
  • Almost 75 to 80% fluid is made in the liver while rest are made from what we eat.
  • When our body digested these substances, then cholesterol produced from them is transported to the liver. Fat-containing materials have a high level of cholesterol. Eg. Meats and eggs have the high content of cholesterol.
  • It helps in maintaining the cellular structure of cells by strengthening cell walls.
  • Cholesterol transports fats and energy to various organs and cells through the bloodstream.
  • It is like a wax that sometimes sticks with blood vessels and veins which causes an interruption in the blood flow. Due to this, some severe heart problems occur.
  • That’s why high cholesterol level hurts our body functionality more especially heart functioning.
  • According to a study at UK German Pharmaceuticals, It is found that Wheatgrass helps in maintaining the cholesterol level and also cure high cholesterol level diseases.
  • Also, wheatgrass does cholesterol functionality by making cell walls stronger because its antioxidant property gets rid of various oxidizing agents in the cells.

According to a study of Kothari S1, Jain AK, Mehta SC, and Tonpay SD, the effects of wheatgrass were similar to those of atorvastatin (a prescription drug commonly used to treat high blood cholesterol).

Wheatgrass (superfood) may cure high blood sugar:

High blood sugar can invite many more problems like more urine, fatigue, sometimes organ damage, nerve damage, and skin problem, etc. According to some studies, wheatgrass can help to reduce blood sugar which works the same as the insulin used to treat blood sugar. Along with it if we used stevia extract as a sweetener, then it will be hugely beneficial for diabetes patients.

Wheatgrass chlorophyll source:

  • Chlorophyll which plants use for the photosynthesis process to make their food has many health benefits. Chlorophyll structure is quite similar to hemoglobin with a slight variation of magnesium in chlorophyll in place of iron. It makes chlorophyll an excellent supplement to gain hemoglobin for a person with anemia.
  • According to a study by Patrick Wakeham, Wheatgrass has the maximum content of chlorophyll among all the known plants along with kale. Hence, wheatgrass is highly beneficial for a person with anaemia problem because its chlorophyll content along with its iron content reacts to form haemoglobin in the body.
  • As we know, all that more haemoglobin means more oxygen supply to vital organs of the body which results in more RBC and WBC count in the blood.  As WBC acts as an immune response to fight against various diseases and bacterias, It suggestive of wheatgrass antibacterial property.

There are many more benefits of chlorophyll which is present in abundance in wheatgrass are listed here. It is a well-written post about various benefits of chlorophyll which we get by consuming wheatgrass juices daily.

Wheatgrass remedy for the aging process:

There are various theories regarding the aging process of human beings. But according to the prevalent method in medical science, the aging process occurs due to the free radical damage made on DNA structure. These free radical damages the cells and it may cause cancerous cells growth. Also, some experts say that a person shows signs of age after the accumulation of various toxic in the body over a more significant period. If the above theory is correct, then wheatgrass has many antioxidants that decompose these free radicals, and thus it helps to slow down the aging process of the body.

Hair benefits:

There are two types of pigments which give hair a color: eumelanin and pheomelanin. The wheatgrass contains these two pigments in large quantity. That’s why it does wonder your hairs as its constant use prevents the greying of hairs. Many anti-dandruff shampoos use it while making shampoo as one of its ingredients because it acts as an anti-dandruff.

Eye vision

There are some claims on some blogs that wheatgrass improves our eye vision and cures dark circles on the eye, but there is no scientific evidence to support these benefits.

Varicose veins cure:

Blood in our body circulates through veins and arteries. Artery supplies blood from heat to other organs of the body while veins provide blood from other parts of the body to the heart which is supplied to lings where it is purified and resupplied to heart. That’s how the circulation of blood occurs in our body. Varicose veins problem occur when veins carrying blood from feet are blockage or leakage of blood from the valve in upper thigh occur or calf muscle not correctly working. Most varicose vein problem arises due to leakage in upper thigh valve or damaged valves which results in some blood from deep veins goes into superficial veins. This increase the blood and its pressure in the superficial veins which occur in swallowing of superficial veins. These veins look bluish-purple or red which result in immense pain. Wheatgrass which cures varicose veins has chlorophyll in it which heals it due to its anti-inflammatory property.

Wheatgrass is very useful for those suffering from kidney disease.

  • Iron deficiency can lead to depression. Wheatgrass has a high iron content. The B complex vitamins in it also help the body overcome anxiety and depression. 
  • Asthma usually occurs when air passage through respiratory tract block due to several things deposited in it. This air blockage needs to be treated immediately. For this, many of the health experts tell us to use an inhaler or any other medicines which have substantial side effects on other parts of the body. Asthma usually occurs due to deficiency of magnesium, potassium, vitamin B6, omega three fatty acids. High weight may also a cause of asthma. Wheatgrass is an excellent source of all these nutrients which is believed to cure asthma. I have consulted with many asthma peoples who use wheatgrass daily. They have told me they got significant relief from it. According to my survey with these peoples, it is possible that wheatgrass may cure asthma problem.
  • There is a common misconception that Wheatgrass juicer damages the nutrient content of wheatgrass, but it is not always true because its content only destroys if Wheatgrass juice’s temperature is below 118-degree Fahrenheit, it has all nutrient content safe.

Sexual benefits:

  • Wheatgrass detoxifies your body and removes all the toxic from the body which results in more blood supply to vital sexual organs. Due to more blood supply to sexual organs, your stamina and vitality increase.
  • Also, it is positively impacting the DNA by repairing the damaged part of DNA.
  • It will then increase the production of reproductive hormones like sperms etc. because now more blood and minerals supply to productive organs.
  • And finally, a compound found in it, P4D1, impacts sperm cells and DNA positively.
  • The cause of painful menstruation is a deficiency of minerals and vitamins that need to give to women at the time of pregnancy. Because this superfood is rich in it ensure your body to have entirely required minerals and vitamins.

Wheatgrass high oxygen content

Because it cleans your body, it results in more blood supply which ultimately leads in more oxygen supply to various organs. Due to the high oxygen environment, all body organs function more efficiently which is highly beneficial for our brain.

Prevent heart failure:

It mainly occurs when there is blockage occurs in the blood vessels or high cholesterol level. As I consult with various doctors, they are giving wheatgrass juices to patients daily which are suffering from any heart disease. The results are excellent and all the patients after its use free from various heart disease as it cleans the blood vessels which results in more blood supply to heart for pumping. It also opens blood vessels blockages by removing all the sticky material from veins.

Some other benefits: 

  • In some cases where the organ is entirely or partially damaged, and doctors prescribe transplantation of organ by modern techniques. Here, Liquid wheatgrass is highly beneficial as it can renew and repair tissue.
  • It can help in digestion of food by increasing the production of bile in the liver and many more enzymes.
  • Wheatgrass by removing toxic and unused food material from the body also prevents the formation of calculi in the body.
  • I have personally tried wheatgrass on some of our family members having bloody piles alongside yarrow. All the person who has given the only wheatgrass and yarrow have no more piles problem which is not able to curable permanently by various medicines. Hence, wheatgrass a may cure the piles’ problems even alone without yarrow.

Some essential tips:

You may feel a problem with stomach pain when you start drinking its juice. It occurs because your body has no habit of fresh food. It can automatically go within 15 days because, after it, your body adjusts to it.For reading about Berberries benefits and more about other medicinal benefits, please read all my blog posts.