Write for us

All the guidelines for writers who want to write for us:

We are always looking for new authors. If you have any new idea and you want to write for us, you may feel free to contact us and submit your guest post. You may send a guest post to us about the topic already published on various site, but your article must be four times better than any article already present over the internet.

What do we publish?

We accept guest posts related to follow ing topics:

  • Nutrition
  • Weight loss and muscle building
  • Anti-aging
  • Medicinal herbs
  • Exercise tips
  • Reproductive health
  • Healthy eating
  • Hair loss
  • fitness and Yoga
  • Dental care
  • Mental health
  • Every other topic which is related to health and wellness

While we accept guest posts related to the above categories, but our primary focus is always natural ways of treating illness. We are not critics of modern medicine as they serve excellently in emergencies. That’s why we may accept post related to how to save hospitals bills, dental, and optical care.

Content guidelines for a writer who wants to write for us:

  • Article length should be between 1500 – 7000 well-written words. And the article must be relevant to our niche.
  • We focus on providing materials which have some scientific evidence, so please add some research work behind your claims.
  • A short bio about your company or yourself is needed along with your article.
  • The article must have more than 60 Flesch Reading Ease score and must be SEO friendly. We may edit (misspelling, grammatical error, formatting, etc.) your article before publishing. Along with it, you need to submit long-tail keyword having keyword difficulty less than 20 correctly.
  • Please includes a few pictures with your article and give proper credit to image owner if necessary.
  • Send your content only if you have not published it anywhere whether on your site or as a guest post on other.
  • Have a reasonable conclusion at the end of the article is a must. Here you may give your personal opinion on the subject.
  • Promotion of your article after it published on your social media channels is a must.
  • Send us a focus keyword for which you think it is easy to rank your article. We largely accept guest post who have Ahrefs keyword less than 20.

Submission will be rejected if

  • The article is plagiarised or scraped content. We have many premium tools, including Copyscape, to detect plagiarism so don’t try to cheat us.
  • Contains any affiliated link or self-promotional links
  • You are claiming something in the article which is not scientifically proven
  • Short or incomplete biography
  • Short or thin content
  • The topic we already cover, but we may like to hear the pitch, which gives a new dimension to the previously covered subject.
  • The article is containing too many links.
  • If your article is found to be plagiarised then your all credit will be removed, and we may publish an article with modification so that it appeals to our readers.

Before submitting guest posts, please check the already published article. There is no charge for submitting a guest post as it is entirely free of the guest. Be patient when you sent your posts because it may take one or two days before we publish your post.

Linking guidelines for a writer who wants to write for us:

  • Use author bio at the end of the guest post. Don’t use more than 5-6 sentence in your bio.
  • You can have one link in your author. It may be your social media profile link or your personal blog link.
  • In the middle of the article, we allow only one link to your personal blog or your company website or any other website you may like.
  • Includes at least three links to studies from which you have taken reference for your claims in the article. But it must be an authoritative site like government site, UNO organizations sites or any scientific journal, etc.

Terms and conditions:

By submitting an article, you declare that

  • You are the sole owner of the material or taken due permission from co-authors before submitting an article. You retain all rights and copyright to the article. Any copyright issues arise in the future in any court of law will be entertained by you.
  • You have given us full permission to edit and publish this article on our platform or in any of our email newsletter or in any book which we intend to post in the future.

After your article is published, you will be informed on your email id. You can send me your article only if the above conditions meet and send it at mail:

Email: goyalhanish11@gmail.com

Subject: Guest post approach