June 16, 2024

Different types of exercise to keep the body fit

Different Types Of Exercises To Keep The Body Fit

Are you a person who is interested in remaining fit? But find little time for workouts? Then you landed on the right page. Yes, this article is on different exercises to keep the body fit. But why do you need to exercise? Is it a requirement? These questions can come to an individual in his/her early 20s. Shall we take an example? If you are a teenager or a person in the mid-30s, then definitely you may have a bike. Are you a bike love? Then you can understand the example with ease. Now when you purchased the bike, it was in top condition. Since you use it regularly and give the maintenance of every six months, it is in top condition. If the bike remains in the garage without use for six months, then what will be its condition?

Some parts may get rusted, and some will go to waste. A human body contains many elements, and in a student/professional’s life, there are parts which rarely get used in the day-to-day activities. And exercise helps these parts to remain active and healthy. In this article, let us look at different tasks to keep the body fit.

Types of Exercises:

You can understand exercise as a physical activity, but are there different types? Yes, in this article, we have divided the physical activity according to age and capabilities. Unless trained, a sixty-year-old man cannot practice bodybuilding or lift weights. Similarly, if you have a medical history of high blood pressure, it is recommended that you should not lift heavy weights not practice in rigorous training activities.

Are you a person above fifty and have not done any physical activity to date? It is advisable to seek the services of your physician before starting the training sessions.

What Do You Think Of Exercise?

There are some who imagine exercise as strenuous activity, lots of sweat, and eating lots of food. Please note, that not all practices are the same. There are exercises such as yoga, where rarely, you break into a sweat. Now let us look into the activities. Health experts say there is no magic wand in exercise. You get what you practice. But too much of practice can cause harm to the body. You need to work out smart to make the body remain fit, or you need to get the guidance of a fitness trainer. Functional Strength Workout will not only improve your physicality but also help you fight against various diseases.

1. Aerobic exercise:

Agreed, aerobic exercises are a separate part, but you can include swimming, dancing and even running under the same category. They make the heart work to its potential, and the breathing becomes heavy. These kinds of exercises can give many benefits such as a reduction of high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, weight loss and get you out of brain performance [1]. As per the report, this exercise can even prevent cancer.


If you are a person in the teenage category or an individual before the 40s, then this exercise is not for you. Usually, it is for senior persons, who suffer from mobility problems. For the elders, this activity burns calories and improves blood circulation. And you can do the walking in any place, any time and the most significant advantage is the requirement of only shoes and no equipment.

A brisk walk, done with proper breathing and concentration can burn nearly 500 calories an hour. You need first to increase the speed. For example, you should not start at breakneck speed once you step out of the home. You can begin with a slow speed and then increase the pace. And this activity if practiced regularly, can build both mental and physical health. You can consider aerobic exercises as one among the different types of tasks to keep the body fit and healthy.

2. Interval training:

This type of physical activity, you can start in the mid-20s and practice up to the mid-40s. If you are a veteran in exercise, then add the interval training or indulging in this activity can boost the fitness levels. You may build mass or get the appearance of a lean, fit body.

You need to vary the speed all along with the session. And You can increase the pace of workouts for one minute and then slow down the pace. But for beginners, get proper guidance before starting the exercise.

3. Squats and Pushups:

Have you ever gone to a traditional Indian wrestling class or Akada? Then you may have seen hundreds of wrestlers (small, young and medium age) who do squats in the Indian fashion. The exercise is called Bethak. The Indian pushups are known as Dand.

This exercises, when practiced with proper breathing, can build up your stamina and build the entire human body. These two exercises target many muscle groups. You will remain fit, healthy and stay in a happy mood throughout the day. You may like to read article on Hindu squats and Hindu pushups

4. Swimming:

What are the five elements of Mother Nature? Earth, Fire, air, space, and water. Now, as you know, water is an integral part of the human body. Nearly sixty percent of the human body comprises water. When you go swimming, you are practicing in one of the main elements of Mother Nature. Yes, we agree that the other forms of exercise involve air, but look at swimming. The activity takes the stain off the joints, and you can get more flexibility. It also enhances the mental state and puts you in a better mood. Not to include, the burning of calories from this activity. Even health experts specify including swimming as a mandatory activity among the different types of exercises to keep the body fit.

5. Yoga:

There are many loyalists of Yoga who say the prophetic words repeatedly. Yoga is not just an exercise; it is a way of life. All the activities concentrate on the body postures, movement, proper breathing and alignment of the body parts. This exercise makes the body remain flexible even in old age. Practicing yoga can help you stay calm in the most stressful of circumstances. And unlike the other activities, you can practice yoga anywhere, anytime and in many situations.

For beginners, it is recommended to seek the advice of a trained yoga teacher to get the breathing right. The reason, if you do not perform the exercises correctly, you will not get any benefit or can suffer from health problems.

6. Tai Chi:

It is a slow-moving martial art which emphasizes on the concept of combining movement with relaxation. And like all exercises, Tai Chi is beneficial even to the body and mind. The favorite phrase for this art is meditation in motion. All the movements are filled with grace, and you make a move smoothly to the next posture. You can get the maximum benefit from this exercise if practiced regularly for a six-month duration.

7. Running:

Even if done correctly, this exercise can make you suffer from exhaustion. If you are suffering from health problems, it is recommended to seek the guidance of a physician before starting the practice. But please note you need to take proper steps and have the perfect shoes for this activity. Doing the wrong way can make you suffer from leg cramps.

Some benefits of running are better brain performance, happy moods, good sleep and prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

8. Martial Arts:

In India, the name martial arts is synonymous with the name Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan. Now, you have another martial artist who has become popular all over the world, Donnie Yen and there is another action star, by name Dwayne Johnson or WWE Rock.

A Much associate martial art with only fighting skills, which is wrong. The activities are more concentrated on the spiritual part than on physical strength. Just read the quotes of great martial artists such as Bruce Lee, Morihei Ueshiba, Kano Jigoro or the great Chinese martial arts Masters. Martial arts is not focused on only breaking wooden boards or human shins but on the development of spiritual levels.

There are many martial arts you can practice making you remain in top mental and physical state. Some famous martial arts are Aiki Jujitsu, Judo, Karate, Kung Fu, Taekwondo, Wing Chun, Muay Thai, and Krav.

Maga. Do not forget the fact, that every martial art is considered useful only when you go for consistent practice. Martial arts is one of the many types of exercises you can practice keeping the body and mind fit.

9. Dance:

If there is an activity similar to martial art where it is possible to combine spirituality with physical activity, it is a dance. Dance revitalizes the human body but also connects with the mind. There are various forms of traditional dance such as Bharatnatyam, Kuchipudi, and Mohiniattam. Now, you have various dance forms such as Hip hop, Break Dance, Salsa, and Tango.

Wrapping Up – Different Types of Exercises To Keep The Body Fit:

Have you read the article? Please note, there is also a scientific medical reason to exercise. An average person’s heartbeat comes to 72 per minute. When measured in hours, it is one hour and 12 minutes? So keeping the body in top condition, you need to exercise for one hour and 12 minutes. A day has 24 hours. So, if you take care of the body by indulging in physical activity for the mentioned time, then the other 23 hours the body will give the maximum support to your body. You will stay motivated and remain fit throughout your life. Please note, having a proper diet filled with essential ingredients is also necessary to make your stay in top health.

Now, it is easy to visualize going for physical activity, but please note that there is one factor which is needed for exercise. Motivation. And if you are a working professional, it is a challenge to maintain the work-personal life balance. Are you not able to find time to go to the gym? Then opt for the services of a high profile personal gym trainer. How about an example of this situation? You work in Bangalore as one operation Manager in a digital marketing company.

You want to remain fit, but lack motivation on working alone. So, you want the best personal trainer to come to your home to give the instructions. Take the help of companies who specialize in home appliance repairs. They will have qualified, verified fitness trainers as part of the team. Download the app, search for the best pro near your home, and schedule the meeting. After a discussion, you and the trainer can discuss the schedule and plan accordingly. You will remain fit and healthy all your life.