Calculi or Renal Colic Herbal Treatment


Renal colic is a pain that occurs anywhere in the urinary tract which includes the parts of kidney, urethra, bladder, and ureters. Renal colic occurs due to stone or calculi produces in any part of the urinary tract which may result in pie blockages. Due to it, severe pain occurred in the urinary tract. Sometimes, urine flow stops which results in severe pain.  Pain generally starts when there is a movement of stone or calculi in any part of the body. It remains for 15 minutes to 2 hours depending upon the size of the Stone. It is a buildup of any minerals in any part or urinary tract calculiwhich stick with urine resulting in sizeable hard mass. Its due to this hard mass, this pains starts because it may block urine in the urinary tract. Majority of renal calculi contains calcium and other minerals which sticks to one position and remain deposits for a considerable time. After it, these small deposits becomes large stone which we called as calculi. If we eat too many things that are rich in calcium, then there are chances of calculi. 

Symptoms of renal colic include:

  • pain that spreads to your back or groin
  • Renal colic occurs periodical for a period of 20 to 60 minutes.
  • Pain when you urinate
  • Blood in urine
  • An awkward smell from urine
  • Pain at the back
  • Some cases if stone develops in the veins or blood vessels then there may be a blockage in blood flow. It is the worst case in which your organ may damage due to less blood supply if not treated for an extended period.
Pain in renal colic depends upon the size and location of stones in the body. Sometimes, there is too much pain occurs that the doctor may put you on various painkiller injections. Calculi is a concretion of material, usually minerals that form in any part of a body organ or ducts. Small stones may not cause any problem, but large calculi cause renal colic especially if they block urine.

The following factor may lead to the formation of stones:

  • Diet high in substances that cause stone formation like seeds of fruit or protein
  • Sometimes it may occur due be family or personal  history of the patient
  • Dehydration due to vomiting or loose-motions and not drinking enough water in that period of problem
  • Stomach Cancerous surgery that results in your body absorb the high quantity of calcium
  • Diet high in protein and calcium-rich substances.

How to avoid calculi formation?

It is always recommended to drink more liquid as it cures it early. Still, eat less protein and calcium-rich foods. Eat the following things less as possible:

  • spinach
  • chocolate
  • sweet potatoes
  • coffee
  • beets
  • peanuts
  • rhubarb
  • soy products
  • wheat bran
  • Beef and egg
  • Poultry material
  • Calcium-rich diet
  • Food containing a high amount of trans fats
  • Food rich in oxalic acid

When someone has calculi, there are high chances that it can develop again. Therefore, they have to consume products mentioned above less as much as possible. Not drinking enough liquid is the most common cause of calculi.

Herbs which are useful for renal colic and calculi treatment:

Berberis Vulgaris 30/Q:

Renal colic treatment
Figure:1–  Berberis Vulgaris

It is the most common homeopathic herb used to treat calculi. It breaks the stones into smaller pieces which come out from our body through urine. We also use it to cure gallbladder stone problem. Here pain starts from the left side of the kidney and goes downward and backward. We use barberry on both sides of the kidney and another organ, but it is more effective if calculi are on left side kidney or another organ. If due to calculi, blood comes into urine then berberis vulgaris is also useful. Take it in mother tincture form.  Take its 15 drops in half cup of water thrice a day.

Electro- homeopathy remedy S5+ C2: 

For kidney stones and gallbladder stoner, S5 + C2 is the most effective Electro-homeopathy treatment. But always consult with electro Homeopathy doctors before its use.

Bryophyllum pinnatum:

Also known as patharchatta/ Pashan Bheda in Ayurveda. Take five leaves of its plant and grind it while adding half a glass of water. After proper grinding, takes this liquid daily on an empty stomach. It is helpful in gallbladder stone or any calculi present in the urinary tract.

Parsley herb:

It is a Mediterranean region herb which contains a low quantity of sodium. It keeps blood pressure normal and helps to prevent kidney disease. High blood pressure weakens the blood vessel and hardens it which leads to the accumulation of unwanted waste rich in calcium and other minerals. Due to it, there are high chances of stones formation. Parsely prevents the accumulation of calcium-rich wastage in the urinary tract which ultimately cures stones. If along with parsley, we take lemon juice. It will speed up the stone breakage and also cleans blood vessels.


Lycopodium for renal colic
Figure: 2- Lycopodium

It will give you relief from pain. Sometimes. Along with urine blood also comes. Lycopodium uses to stop blood flow in the urine. Although it effectively removes calculi, We mainly use it as a painkiller for renal colic. It is more effective in right side stones in our body. Takes its five drops thrice a day in half glass of water for two weeks, there will be no kidney stone left.


It is generally used to increase urine flow which makes it a perfect remedy for urinary tract stone or calculi. If we mix the liquid extracts of Parsely, Lycopodium, Berberis vulgaris and sarsaparilla, it can effectively cure the Renal colic and removes a from any part of the body.

Phyllanthus niruri:

Also commonly known as the Gale of wind or Bhumi Amla. Due to its effectiveness in kidney problem cure, it is sometimes known as a stone breaker. It surrounds the stone and crushes them into a powder which can easily pass out through urine. It is also useful in curing ulcers in the mouth.


It is high in water content and low in sodium, calcium and fat content. It acts as n diuretic and flashes out accumulated uric acid from the body, dissolving calculi from the urinary tract.

Wheatgrass and watermelon juice:

These two are rich in antioxidants which has a great property to detoxify our body. Thus, it prevents the formation of stones in the kidney and improves the functionality of the kidney. Although it is not a complete remedy for the renal colic, it can significantly help our kidney to break kidney’s stones.

Benzoic acid 30:

It completely removes calculi or stone in any part of the body. Benzoic acid 30 will also normalize increased uric acid in the body. It is successful in removing both uric acid stone and calcium stones.

Lithium carb 30:

It can effectively cure kidney stone and renal colic when the pain starts from the right side of the kidney and goes upward. In this case, it can remove kidney stone within seven days.


When pain starts from the left side of ureter and deadly sweating and vomiting occurs then tabacum 30 is the best herb to cure it if taken regularly for at least 21 days.

Nux vomica 30:

When pain occurs on the right thigh and genital, then lycopodium 30 along with nux vomica 30 helps to get relief from pain and also remove calculi.

Banana and camphor:

Replace the leaf of banana and cut a small piece of camphor. After this, add small pieces of camphor in the banana and consume it. After banana consumption, drink as much as water and other liquid stuff as possible. It can remove 7-8 mm of stone in 2two to three days.

Conclusion: There are so many herbs that are useful to cure renal colic, but a duration of treatment mostly depends upon how much fluid you can take. More you take fluid, lesser is the need of any medicine and lessen the duration of medicine intake. Hence, drink maximum water and milk as much as possible.

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